Manual Therapy &

Myofascial Release

We have spent years perfecting our touch and sight senses, so as to be able to detect the slightest problem occurring in the soft tissue, or the body in general. The OMNI team can treat muscular, neurological and skeletal issues. This entails techniques such as, trigger point therapy, soft tissue release and mobilisations, joint mobilisations, neurological flossing and others.




Dry Needling

This treatment has proven very effective for treating pain. Especially lower back pain. The treatment is also amazing for stress and tension relief.

The needles are sterilised and I have undergone special training, so as to be able to correctly use them. They are also not as painful as most people think - if you use them right!


Massage Therapy

If you are looking to relieve pain and stiffness after a long week at the office or gym, then massage is the service for you. We offer full body sports and relaxing massage for those of you who just need to chill.


If your injury is here, we have already treated it…

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