Living without pain

Living without pain

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This E-guide is dedicated to helping you understand the foundation of pain. It will take you through the following segments:

  1. Understanding pain

  2. Lower back pain and how to resolve it

  3. Pelvis and hip pain and how to resolve it

  4. Shoulder girdle pain and how to resolve it

  5. Knee and ankle pain and how to resolve it

  6. The Pain Track Method

The focus of this piece of work is to give you the knowledge and passion for you to begin thinking about how much your body can actually do for itself, rather than you wondering what specialist to see for your injuries. As human beings we are capable of so much more than just waiting for pain and injury to go away. Our bodies are complicated machines, who have built in mechanism for self healing.

We hope you enjoy and as always, we are here if you have any questions.