➡ The pectoralis major is a muscle with a MASSIVE origin and a small insertion point. This means that the muscles is capable of a wide range of movement and we use it on a daily basis for functions, such as: driving, writing, texting, talking on the phone, holding bags, and many others....

➡ Due to its versatility and certain Fascial Slings, this muscle has a direct correlation with the lower arm. Tightness, or trigger points in the pec major can be related to tennis or golfers elbow, wrist pain, such as carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms and pain radiating into the fingers, as there is some vital nerves, which pass right underneath the muscle - the median, ulnar and radial nerves.

➡ The pec major has a role in inhalation, as it elevates the thorax during forced inhalation - which occurs for example when you lift weights, or are doing a form of aerobic or anaerobic exercise. Due to the fact that most of us have poor posture, because of lifestyle, work, etc... the pec major can get restricted due to the position of the humerus. Most of the time we see a humerus which has acquired a medially rotated and protracted position, with the scapula abducting on the back and upwardly rotating - not good posture.

➡ Releasing this muscle will also help with increasing, or if I may say, allowing strength back into the biceps and forearm muscles. A lot of the time, we forget about the fact that nerves get compressed by tight muscle, being pulled by its insertion points. This compression will cause the nerve axons to reduce the quality and speed of the signals, being sent to the brain - resulting in lack of strength and proprioception. ➡ Same as muscles, when nerves are not able to send appropriate signals into the brain stem, the nerves start to lose their functionality, due to the lack of movement. This happens, because of MYELIN. Myelin is the structure that allows signals to travel via the nerves. It wraps around the nerve fibres and is made up of PHOSPHOLIPDS, CHOLESTEROL AND PROTEINS.

➡ NUTRITION AND NERVE HEALTH - Eating for your nerves, based on the above information. A quality of fat in your diet can greatly improve the state of the myelin sheath and allow it to send signals to the brain quicker and with less obstruction. This along with several vitamins and minerals, such as: B12,B5,B9, Iron, Copper and Iodine.