Stick work is essential for shoulder mobility and glenohumeral health. I love creating this movement, especially when combined with opening the rib cage, elongating the pectoralis major and allowing for the intercostals to do some work when you are breathing. 🧠
If you have shoulder pain or restrictions, start slow and easy by just creating the overhead movement and do not push beyond a pain point. Work in your remits until the tendons allow you to go further.
Involving the thoracic spine is a more advanced movement which will come with practice. I love it as it allows me to mobilise my spine. Breathing correctly is essential 🗣


▪️This advanced version of the shoulder mobility exercise from yesterday will allow you to get more scapular movement and also will get the thoracic spine involved. Just make you can do the first one first, prior to attempting this and please do not dislocate your shoulders folks :D .

▫️This exercise will really challenge the rotator cuff group, as well as the pectoralis major, latissimus dorsi and trapezius muscles. Make sure you go through the movement slowly and carefully, trying to avoid impingement and pain. You need a certain mobility level prior to attempting this and also make sure you have warmed up.